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Lee_Ware.JPGDelegate R. Lee Ware

65th District

 "I am delighted to be able to endorse Lesley Haley for the Midlothian District seat on the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors. Her candidacy is a natural extension of her already considerable community service.   Moreover, Lesley possesses an independence of judgment and a winsome temperament that will enhance her service to citizens of Midlothian and all of Chesterfield County.   I commend her enthusiastically to Midlothian's voters."

 65th District Map and Precinct Locations 



Delegate G. M. (Manoli) Loupassi

68th District

 "As an active member of the community for many years I am pleased that Leslie Haley will seek to represent the Midlothian District on the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors. Leslie’s experiences as President of the Midlothian High School PTSO will allow her to serve effectively as a voice for change in the Education policies of Chesterfield County.  I am proud to endorse Leslie Haley and it is my opinion that there could not be a better-served candidate for the Midlothian district, either in qualification or character. I wish her the best of luck."

 68th District Map and Precinct Locations



Delegate Roxann L. Robinson

27th District

"I've known Leslie for years, first professionally with her work for the State Bar, and then through her work with the Midlothian High School Parent, Teacher, Student Organization (PTSO).  It is great to see another strong woman step up to run for local office.  I am looking forward to working with her side-by-side to make sure that Midlothian is a great place to live, raise a family and build a business.  Leslie Haley has my full support."

27th District Map and Precinct Locations




Delegate M. Kirkland Cox

66th District

"Leslie’s work and longstanding commitment to her community speaks volumes about her ability to lead. She has been a strong advocate and powerful voice for Chesterfield. In working with her on K-12 education reform, to include SOL reform, I’ve seen her fight to improve our public schools so all children have an opportunity to succeed. Leslie has my full support."

66th District Map and Precinct Locations 





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