Leslie's Record


Leslie's Record



  • Lowered the real estate tax rate from $0.96 to $0.95 and reduced the Business, Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) tax burden on small businesses.
  • Maintained an AAA bond rating, lowered taxes, and increased spending on priorities.
  • During her first term, Chesterfield saw over $300 million in investment—meaning more jobs and shorter commutes.
  • Purchased River City Sportsplex that anchors the sports tourism campaign that generated $41M in economic impact for Chesterfield in 2018; allows 7 days a week community access to the facility.
  • Doubled the business expansion incentive fund.
  • Chesterfield has led the region in job growth since 2015.

Investing in Our Future

  • Increased funding to rebuild five of our aging schools along with an additional $30 million annually for K-12 education.
  • Facility replacements for the Midlothian Fire Station, Midlothian Library, Old Hundred Elementary, Magnolia Green Fire Station, and Animal Adoption Facility.
  • Major road improvements including Lucks Lane, Robious Road, and Route 60 widening projects.
  • Established and reached 2.5% reinvestment goal for major maintenance.
  • Appointment of Maggie Walker Land Trust as the county’s land bank.


  • Increased funding for Police, Sheriff, and Fire.
  • Career development plans enhanced in all public safety agencies.
  • Crime rates have dropped since 2015.
  • All schools accredited; graduation rates exceed state averages
  • Opening of the Child Advocacy Center.
  • National recognized programs to combat the opioid crisis.
  • Expanded Access Chesterfield and Access OnDemand.
  • Same day access to mental health support services.