Community Outreach

Pictures say a thousand words...

I know you've seen us throughout the community.  I wanted to share a small sample of the places we've been...the people we've seen.  We work hard but I think the laughter in our eyes and the smiles on our face says it all don't you?!


 I was recently quoted as saying...

"We need someone we can trust to serve with integrity and always work to represent the values and ideals of those who live here"

I truly believe that and do everything I can every day to reach out to folks and listen as they explain what's important to them; their families; their businesses.  I know I've said this before but it is the best part of my day these days and I thank those who take the time to stop and chat.


to my fellow candidates for their ongoing support and the volunteers who work tirelessly to help us reach out to the community...


Thank you!