I am honored that Midlothian Lifestyle Magazine selected me as one of their outstanding women of Midlothian! I am excited to continue to serve our community and effect meaningful change for the benefit of our citizens! Check out their article here!    

A New Beginning For Me... A Fresh Start For The Midlothian District... I was so honored to be sworn in Thursday at the Investiture Ceremony. Surrounded by my family, who have been so supportive throughout this journey, my friends, fellow Board Members and Constitutional Officers - I look forward to...

Leslie Haley

Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors

Midlothian District

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

With the summer flying by, I cannot help but think on success we’ve enjoyed the last four years. We have lowered taxes, increased the budget for our schools, and brought jobs into Chesterfield. It is through your support that this progress has been made, but our job is not done yet. 

As Midlothian and Chesterfield continue to grow, we must continue to invest in that development in order to maintain and increase our quality of life. Midlothian is made up of areas with rich histories, and that unique culture must be maintained while also revitalizing areas such as Midlothian Village and Sycamore Square. By taking an active hand in managing the development, we control the future of our home and can mold it into a place where our children want to return - a place that is accessible, community driven, and continues to provide an excellent education for the next generation.

As I continue to walk our neighborhoods and meet folks around Midlothian, I am struck by how deeply invested all of you are in our community, and it serves as a constant reminder to me of what makes Midlothian such a special place to live - the people. I look forward to hearing from each of you as we approach November’s election and listening to your priorities and concerns about Midlothian and its future. 

My promise to you remains the same - I will always be committed to serve with honesty and integrity, my door will always be open for conversation, my mind will always be open to new ideas, and I will work towards moving our communities, this district and Chesterfield County to a better place-for all of us.

Yours in service,